From Dan Tait Millar on 13/3/2006 June 13th, 2008

I go back many years and am proud to say I saw the wee man play on many occasions...a pleasure and privilege combined.My tribute is in poetry form, so here it is.. Not too tall with fiery red hair, But a heart of gold and feet so rare. What a pleasure to watch him play, Gone now,alas, as is yesterday. On the ball,there was no better player, Speed and to compare, With our 'wee jimmy' a man without par, Who played the game and it carried him far!! Now lost to us,his Memory still shines bright, To have seen him play was my greatest delight. May God in his mercy let him be in that eleven, Wearing as ever his own number seven. God bless you,Jimmy, enjoy now your rest, As players go,you were one of the best. A Scot who was proud of his background,what's more, A true will to play the game...even better to score!! Thank you for all those 'magic' moments we shall always remember, God has you in his keeping, We have you in our hearts, Dan